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Acute and Chronic Sinusitis: Treatments
All over body-parts pain during pregnancy
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Gall bladder stone treatment without surgery
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Knee Pain treatment
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Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
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Paralysis Stroke Treatment
Parkinson's treatment
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Rheumatoid arthritis Treatments
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Varicose veins Treatments
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About Us

Till now Dr.S.K Pathak has successfully Treatments many patients suffering from serious

neurological and orthopedic diseases. Through his intensive studies, sincere efforts and long research he discovered an ancient Indian system of treatment and authenticated it by conducting many experiments through wave therapy.
    In this therapy he uses a natural green grass gas which produces an effective power in the damaged nerve cells inside human body. The gas is spread in the nerves with the help of a special self-treated magnetic rays which produced by magnetic stone which helps to

Treatments the diseases. This is how wave therapy helps to live people healthy and better ,and provide diseases free life.

Dr.S.K.Pathak   (NATUROPATH) N.D.



This is an irony situation that my living depends on people health,

Also my good luck that you gave me an excellent chance to resist their health problems.

you also provided me the skill of doing my job sciencerly.

Oh LORD ! Do provide me the power to complete this purpose of my life with honesty.

you are the only one who resist our problem and give peaceful,happy and healthy life .

I am the only way of it.

Fast relief for cancer without medicine*

Best neuro rehab centers


> Treatment Time(10 to15 Minutes*) every Sitting
 > Without any Medicine                    
 > Naturopathy-Treatment                 
 > Treatment Through wave therapy



Best Treatment in India ---> 

1.        Acute and Chronic Sinusitis: Treatments 

2.        All over body-parts pain during pregnancy 

3.        Blood Cancer 

4.        Blood Circulation 

5.        Breast Cancer Treatment 

6.        Cancer & Cancer Pain Treatment 

7.        Cerebral Atrophy Treatment 

8.        Cerebral Palsy Treatment 

9.        Clotting Treatment 

10.     Diabetes 

11.     Frozen Shoulder Treatment 

12.     Gall bladder stone treatment without surgery 

13.     Gout Treatments 

14.     Hearing Problems Treatment 

15.     Heart Problems 

16.     Heel Pain Treatment 

17.     Kidney Problems 

18.     Knee Pain treatment 

19.     Liver Diseases 

20.     Motor Neuron Disease Treatment 

21.     Multiple Sclerosis Treatment 

22.     Muscle cramps treatment 

23.     News 

24.     Paralysis Stroke Treatment 

25.     Parkinson's treatment 

26.     Pictures 

27.     Polio Treatment 

28.     Prolapsed Discs Treatment 

29.     Rheumatoid arthritis Treatments 

30.     Sciatica Pain Treatment 

31.     Spinal Back Pain Treatment 

32.     Stiff Neck 

33.     Stomach Abdominal & Digestive Problems Treatment 

34.     Swelling Treatment 

35.     Tennis Elbow Treatments

37. Neurological Disorders &

Progressive SupranuclearPalsy



Address--A-366, Sector-19,  

Noida,(Pin: 201301)   

Uttar Pradesh

Delhi (N.C.R.), 




36.     Varicose veins Treatments

DISCLAIMER:    *Results may vary from person to person.
Contact Address--A-366, Sector-19, Noida, (Pin Code- 201301),  U.P.
                                                              ( Delhi  N.C.R.),   India.