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Prolapsed Disc Treatment

Prolapsed Disc(Slipped Disc)

     A prolapsed disc often causes severe lower back pain. The disc often presses ona nerve root which can cause pain and other symptoms in a leg. In most cases,the symptoms ease off gradually over several weeks. The usual advice is to donormal activities as much as possible.


    The spine is made up of many bones called vertebrae. These are roughly circularand between each vertebra is a disc. The discs are made of strong rubber-liketissue which allows the spine to be fairly flexible. A disc has a strongerfibrous outer part, and a soft jelly-like middle part called the nucleuspulposus.
       The spinal cord, whichcontains the nerves that come from the brain, is protected by the spine. Nervesfrom the spinal cord come out from between the vertebrae to relay messages toand from various parts of the body.
       Strong ligaments attach to the vertebrae.These give extra support and strength to the spine. Various muscles alsosurround, and are attached to, various parts of the spine.


      Whenyou have a prolapsed disc (commonly called a slipped disc), a disc does notactually slip. What happens is that part of the inner softner part of thedisc(the nucleus pulposus) bulges out (herniates) through a weakness in theouter part of the disc. A prolapsed disc is sometimes called a herniated disc.The bulging disc may press on nearby structures such as a nerve coming from thespinal cord. Some inflammation also develops around the prolapsed part of thedisc.
       Any disc in the spine can prolapse.However, most prolapsed discs occur in the lumbar part of the spine (lowerback). The size of the prolapse can vary. As a rule, the larger the prolapse,the more severe the symptoms are likely to be.
     The most common age to develop aprolapsed disc is between 30 and 50 years.Twice as many men as women areaffected.


Accordingto Dr. S.K PATHAK disc prolapse is a neurological problem.


Back pain
      The pain is often severe, andusually comes on suddenly. The pain is usually eased by lying down flat, and isoften made worse if you move your back, cough,or sneeze.
Nerve root pain (usually sciatica)
       Nerve root pain is pain thatoccurs because a nerve coming from the spinal cordis pressed on (trapped) by aprolapsed disc, or is irritated by the inflammation caused by the prolapseddisc. Although the problem is in the back,you feel pain along the course of thenerve in addition to back pain.Therefore, you may feel pain down a leg to thecalf or foot. Nerve root pain can range from mild to severe, but it is oftenworse than the back pain. With a prolapsed disc, the sciatic nerve is the mostcommonly affected nerve. (The term sciatica means nerve root pain of thesciatic nerve.) The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that is made up from severalsmaller nerves that come out from the spinal cord in the lower back. It travelsdeep inside the buttock and down the back of the leg. There is a sciatic nervefor each leg. Other nerve root symptoms
The irritation or pressure on the nerve next to the spine may also cause pinsand needles, numbness or weakness in part of a buttock, leg or foot. Theexactsite and type of symptoms depend on which nerve is affected.
     Cauda equina syndrome - rare, but anemergency
      Cauda equina syndrome is aparticularly serious type of nerve root problem that can be caused by aprolapsed disc. This is a rare disorder where the nerves at the very bottom ofthe spinal cord are pressed on. This syndrome can cause low back pain plus:problems with bowel and bladder function (usually unable to pass urine),numbness in the saddle area (around the anus), and weakness in one or bothlegs. This syndrome needs urgent treatment to preserve the nerves to thebladder and bowel from becoming permanently damaged. See a doctor immediately ifyou develop these symptoms.
Some people do not have symptoms      
Research studies where routineback scans have been done on a large number of people have shown that somepeople have a prolapsed disc without any symptoms.It is thought that symptomsmainly occur if the prolapse causes pressure on or irritation of a nerve. Thisdoes not happen in all cases. Some prolapses may be small, or occur away fromthe nerves and cause minor or no symptoms.

    From the symptoms and by examining the patient. (It is the common cause ofsudden back-pain with nerve root symptoms.

        Testssuch as X-rays or scans may be advised if symptoms persist. In particular, anMRI scan can show the site and size of a prolapsed disc.

  Slip disc best treatment without surgery in india

  (Prolapsed Disc (Slipped Disc) treatment by our Wave Therapyat our Center"  with no side  effects and our by  inlong-research successful result*.)

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